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---------------------------------------------DECISION THEORY & VOTING-------------------------------------------------

Vote Probabilities, Thresholds and Actor Preferences: Decision Capacity and the Council of the European Union

Homo Oeconomicus, 2018, 35(1-2), p. 31-52 (with M.O.Hosli and B.Plechanovová)

The Probability of Majority Inversion in a Two-stage Voting System with Three States

Theory and Decision, 2018, 84(4), p. 525-546 (with A.Zaigraev)

Representation-Compatible Power Indices

Annals of Operations Research, 2018, 264(1), p. 235-265 (with S.Kurz)

The Average Representation -- A Cornucopia of Power Indices?

Homo Oeconomicus, 2015, 32(2), p. 169-182 (with S.Kurz)

Measuring Voting Power in Games with Correlated Votes Using Bahadur’s Parametrisation

Social Choice and Welfare, 2015, 44(2), p. 349-367 (with S.Das)

The Minimum Sum Representation as an Index of Voting Power

European Journal of Operational Research, 2014, 233(3), p. 739-748 (with J.Freixas)

A Note on the Probability of at least K Successes in N Correlated Binary Trials

Operations Research Letters, 2013, 41(1), p. 116-120 (with A.Zaigraev)

Bounds on the Competence of a Homogeneous Jury

Theory and Decision, 2012, 72(1), p. 89-112 (with A.Zaigraev)

Squaring the Circle? Collective and Distributive Effects of United Nations Security Council Reform

Review of International Organizations, 2011, 6(2), p. 163-187 (with M.O.Hosli, R.Moody, B.O’Donovan, A.C.H.Little)

Optimal Jury Design for Homogeneous Juries with Correlated Votes

Theory and Decision, 2011, 71(4), p. 439-459 (with A.Zaigraev)

A Test of the Marginalist Defense of the Rational Voter Hypothesis Using Quantile Regression

Homo Oeconomicus, 2011, 28(1-2), p. 71-89

How Representative is the European Union Parliament?

European Journal of Political Economy, 2011, 27(1), p. 61-74 (with D.C.Mueller)

Aggregation of Correlated Votes and Condorcet's Jury Theorem

Theory and Decision, 2010, 69(3), p. 453-468

Exact Bounds on the Probability of at least K Successes in N Exchangeable Bernoulli Trials as a Function of Correlation Coefficients

Statistics & Probability Letters, 2010, 80(13-14), p. 1079-1084 (with A.Zaigraev)

An Invariance Result for Homogeneous Juries with Correlated Votes

Mathematical Social Sciences, 2009, 57(2), p. 213-222

A Behavioral Power Index

Public Choice, 2009, 141(1), p. 17-29 (with D.Leech)

The Exact Bias of the Banzhaf Measure of Power when Votes are Neither Equiprobable Nor Independent

Social Choice and Welfare, 2008, 31(2), p. 281-300

Straffin Meets Condorcet. What Can a Voting Power Theorist Learn from a Jury Theorist?

Homo Oeconomicus, 2008, 25(2), p. 181-202

Community Size, Heterogeneity and Voter Turnouts

Public Choice, 2006, 129(3), p. 399-415 (with D.C.Mueller)


Business Cycles and Conditional Credit-Rating Migration Matrices

forthcoming in Quarterly Journal of Finance (with D.Boreiko, Y.Kaniovski, G.Pflug)

Identification of Hidden Markov Chains Governing Dependent Credit-Rating Migrations

forthcoming in Communications in Statistics -- Theory and Methods (with D.Boreiko, Y.Kaniovski, G.Pflug)

Traces of Business Cycles in Credit-Rating Migrations

PLoS ONE, 12(4), 2017 (with D.Boreiko, Y.Kaniovski, G.Pflug)

The Exposure of Technology and Knowledge Intense Sectors to the Business Cycle

Bulletin of Applied Economics, 2015, 2(1), p. 1-19 (with W.Hoelzl and A.Reinstaller)

A Financial Market Stress Indicator for Austria

Empirica, 2014, 41(3), p. 481-504 (with C.Glocker)

The Problem of Optimal Endogenous Growth with Exhaustible Resources Revisited

in Crespo Cuaresma, J., Palokangas, T., A.Tarasyev, eds. Series: Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance, Vol. 14: Green Growth and Sustainable Development, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2013, p. 3-30 (with S.Aseev and K.Besov)

The Short and Long-run Interdependencies Between the Eurozone and the U.S.A.

Empirica, 2009, 36(2), p. 209-227 (with P.Gaggl, K.Prettner, T.Url)

Employment and Growth in an Aging Society: A Simulation Study for Austria

Empirica, 2006, 33(1), p. 19-33 (with J.Baumgartner, H.Hofer, A.Schuh, T.Url)

---------------------------------------------INDUSTRIAL ORGANIZATION---------------------------------------------------

Scenarios for Regional Passenger Car Fleets and their CO2 Emissions

Energy Policy, 2012, 41, p. 66-74 (with I.Meyer and J.Scheffran)

The Role of Product Differentiation in the Producer-targeted Promotion of Renewable Energy Technologies

in Crespo Cuaresma, J., Palokangas, T., A.Tarasyev, eds. Series: Dynamic Modeling and Econometrics in Economics and Finance, Vol. 12: Dynamic Systems, Economic Growth, and the Environment, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2010, p. 183-195 (with I.Meyer)

Determinants of Firm Survival in the Austrian Accommodation Sector

Tourism Economics, 2008, 14(3), p. 527-543 (with M.Peneder and E.Smeral)

Determinants of Firm Survival: A Duration Analysis Using the Generalized Gamma Distribution

Empirica, 2008, 35(1), p. 41-58 (with M.Peneder)

Product Differentiation and Competitive Selection

Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 2005, 15(5), p. 567-580

What Follows Tertiarisation? Structural Change and the Role of Knowledge Based Services

Service Industries Journal, 2003, 23(2), p. 47-66 (with M.Peneder and B.Dachs)

On the Structural Dimension of Competitive Strategy

Industrial and Corporate Change, 2002, 11(3), p. 557-579 (with M.Peneder)

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